Web Applications

DrumQuick - Free Online Virtual Drum Set with Lessons for Beginners

DrumQuick is a free online virtual drum set emulator with interactive lessons for beginners. No plugins required (built with HTML5).

3D Sprite Maker

An online 3D sprite maker (16x16x16 voxels). Save your sprites, and even export to STL for 3D printing.

Gallerie - PHP Image Gallery Manager

Gallerie is a standalone PHP image gallery management system providing flexible integration.

Toggling Animated SVG Icons

A set of 15 toggling animated SVG icons you can use on your website as buttons or indicators (animated with Snap.svg)

Animated SVG Loaders

A set of 18 animated SVG AJAX loaders using Snap.svg. Gears, cogs, clocks, shapes, and more. Configure size, speed, easing, and color.

Medical Practice Search

Medical Practice Search provides job placement services for physicians and other medical professionals.

Simple Web Timer

A simple and practical web-based timer

Learn to Read 1K

Free interactive online flash cards for young readers.

JS Inject - Chrome Extension

Create, save, and inject javascript code into web pages.

The Denver Gold Group - Precious Metal Prices and Charts

The Denver Gold Group's free-to-access precious metals past and current prices with accompanying charts.

Random.org - Integer Widget

The Random.org Integer Widget is a free customizable widget you can put on your website that uses the Random.org service to generate true random numbers.